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3 Bitcoin tumblers and mixers you must use in 2022


Bitcoin is the number one cryptocurrency in India. In fact, it is the first cryptocurrency to be introduced around the world. Today, it has attracted many investors and has led to the rise in the startups of various crypto exchanges. Also, now more than 100 cryptocurrencies are revolving in the crypto world.

However, bitcoin remains the top cryptocurrency due to its high demand and amazing features. Among them, privacy is the prime characteristic perceived by investors to buy bitcoin. However, this is no longer accurate. Though decentralized technology is much better than fiat currency operations. But, 100% anonymity may not be guaranteed by trusting only bitcoin’s blockchain and network.

To regain privacy and make anonymous transactions, there are bitcoin tumblers and mixers introduced in the market. They are new to the concept but work efficiently. This article will explore the meaning and the best BTC mixers available in the market that you must be aware of.

What is a bitcoin mixer?

Bitcoin mixer or tumbler is an external service that is used to mix the crypto coins as per the users choice. The service typically mixes different streams of cryptocurrencies and anonymises them. As a result, you get full privacy and secure transactions of your assets.

Besides, today the bitcoin mixer has become a necessity. As fraudulent practices are increasing, these services will help to prevent such occurrences. You can easily assess a transaction since all the crypto exchanges in India are now asking for KYC and documentation.

When talking about money, the bitcoin mixer breaks it down into smaller portions and mixes them with other transactions. The process ends up giving the recipient the same value in bitcoin.  Hence, it is fully online and safe to use.

Now it’s time to check out top bitcoin mixers to use in 2022.


It is one of the popular bitcoin mixers available out there. It is pretty easy to use and safe for users. The user interface is very simple and you may not require any video or technical expertise to be familiar. And, the best part is that it offers the users full control on mixing the cryptocurrencies as per their will. This mixer is very fast and provides private keys instantly. Many investors use it for anonymous transactions. No doubt, it has maintained its place to be the top at the beginning of the year 2022.


Your second bet can be on FoxMixer. It is one of the high-quality bitcoin mixers introduced in the market. The platform makes it easy for you to mix different crypto coins. This mixer works as a state of art for maintaining and restoring security in the bitcoin ecosystem. It mixes your bitcoin in a huge and constantly changing bubble and gives you newly independent BTCs. Plus, it gives detailed information about the progress of every mix. Considering this platform in 2022 can prove to be beneficial in the trading of bitcoins.


Another BTC mixer to look out for more privacy and security in transactions is UltraMixer. It has the potential to offer high-level confidentiality by mixing bitcoin addresses for transactions. The system ensures fast, safe and reliable transactions. Moreover, the data is deleted and no logs are maintained in this mixer. It uses a large pool of cryptocurrencies so you can trade in any amount. Furthermore, it also offers a letter of guarantee.

Apart from the above-mentioned mixers, CryptoMixer, and Anonymix are certain other reputed platforms to select. Make sure to explore their websites and do proper research to get the most favourable and required mixer to sell or buy bitcoin tension-free.

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