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A guide to mining dogecoin in India in 2022


How to mine dogecoin is a catchphrase skyrocketing among crypto miners as more people are attracted to acquiring easy DOGE without purchasing on acrypto exchange. It has had an incredible start since its inception and is popular among miners. But exactly how do you mine dogecoin and What do you need to get involved?

Crypto mining may sound like an intimidating task, but it is your computer or laptop breaking the sweat. Moreover, dogecoin can also be mined with the right set of equipment and procedure. To become a pro at it, we have inculcated ways to mine dogecoin for your convenience. But, before getting onto it, there are things which you must know about doge mining and its must-haves. Read on to discover the same.

First things first, the working behind dogecoin mining.

Like bitcoin, doge blockchain network also employs the same system for adding new blocks to its publicly distributed ledger and reaching agreement among its network’s participants.  It is known as the Proof Of Stake mechanism which involves mining where singles or groups compete with each other for the right to contain new blocks using specialized computer equipment. More specifically, miners use their machines to create a hash, a fixed-length code, equal to or lower than the target value of the new block. Whoever wins the code gets a chance to earn the exclusive right to integrate new transaction data into the blockchain, In addition, minted coins are also rewarded after achieving the code.

Things to consider for mining dogecoin

There are three types of hardware  and software that you can use to mine dogecoin, these are:

CPU– The PC’s central processing unit might help in processing the dogecoin. But, be aware that this equipment is quite old and may malfunction or overheat during the activity.CPU miner by Pooler can be your choice for easy software.

GPU– It is a graphic processing unit more powerful than a CPU and can be potentially used to mine dogecoin. Cudaminer, CGminer and Easyminer are some reliable software for GPUs.

ASIC– An application-specific-integrated circuit is a machine that is built specially to generate hashes. These applications are far better than GPUs and are more expensive. Most ASIC miners are Multiminers.

Approaches for mining dogecoin

In the early stages, dogecoin mining was easier as fewer people participated in it. But today, the numbers are rising due to which there are now different approaches to dogecoin mining.

Solo Mining

Dogecoin is emerging to be one of the top cryptocurrencies in India. Started as a joke crypto coin, now dogecoin is gaining name and fame from across the world. In addition, there are numerous dogecoin miners flooding the market. Among them, some are individual miners. They do mining alone with the help of GPUs.  However, this approach is quite expensive and challenging for a person. As electricity bills, machine costs and everything has to be paid individually.

Cloud mining

Doge can also be earned through cloud mining. It is a term referring to rental computing power from the data center and paying monthly or annually for the services agreed in the agreement. The major drawback of cloud mining is that most contracts are time-locked. It means that you will lose money if the DOGE prices drop below the operational mining costs.


Dogecoin mining is still profitable due to the price surges. Having powerful hardware and an optimum approach will give you a better chance at earning higher returns by generating Doge. However, do proper research and know that the crypto market is highly unpredictable. Step into it with foolproof planning and risk management. Furthermore, there are various crypto exchanges in India like WazirX offering a plethora of information about everything about dogecoin mining to learn from. Plus, you can join a group of miners or consult a crypto-miner if you are at the beginning stage.

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