Parent-Child ASINs & Variations On Amazon

Parent-Child ASINs & Variations On Amazon


Amazon is among the biggest online e-commerce platforms. Almost every product of daily life is being sold on this platform and the heaps of these products do not affect the user’s shopping experience. The management of all the products is only possible with the amazon standard identification number. It holds a fundamental position in this market.

As a new amazon seller, you must be wondering what is Amazon ASIN number. It is a special identification number assigned to your product by Amazon. This code is unique to every product and makes it visible in the amazon catalog. This article will deal with the terms like Parent ASIN and Child ASIN.

 ASINs are in relationships sometimes. These are also called parent-child relationships in amazon and other e-commerce platforms.

The successful variation relationship allows the buyers to choose and compare the product’s color, size, availability options, and other attributes.

Let’s take a deeper look on what is the difference between Child ASIN and Parent ASIN.

Parent ASIN:

The parent amazon standard identification number or Parent ASIN is an entity that cannot be bought but these are visible in the search results.

These kinds of ASINs do not have any product page or even product detail. The goal of such ASINs is to assemble all the child ASINs and build variation relationships among all the child products that are buyable and contain product pages and details.

A good relationship establishment allows the readers to compare products before buying. In this way, the buyers save their time because they do not need to browse different product pages for different colors.

Child ASIN:

A child ASIN is the identification number of the product that is related to different products present within the parent listing. Child ASIN is different from other products in terms of color or size.

You should also build parent-child relationships for your products if they are in large quantity and contain a lot of variants.

For example, if you are selling lawn shirts having the same print but different colors then you can builda parent-child relationship to make them easily discoverable for the buyers or give them choices to choose the best color for them.

The variation relationship or parent-child relationship defines the relationship between different products. It helps the users to compare the products and help them to know how these products differ from each other.

It is best to completely understand these relationships because amazon can remove product listings if the various themes are not used properly.

Do not list different items or articles together and describe the detail of each child’s product. Add the proper variation data to the Child ASIN product titles because it will help the buyers and Amazon can suppress the items if the product variation data is not available.

Also, avoid adding the quantity and price of the parent product and be careful when you delete product inventory because deleting parent ASIN will delete the relationship between the children and the parents.

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